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about us

Drizzle chocolates was founded by a Husband and wife team with the vision to bring quality chocolates to our local community. we believe that chocolate can be so much better than any of the current chocolate options on the market today.  we hope that after trying some of our tantalizing flavors, you will never be satisfied with mass produced chain chocolate again!

Our chocolates are handmade  to order in small batches for our customers. with our rich namesake drizzle. our chocolates have a sophisticated and rich look, while reminding our customers that they were made right here in drizzly oregon. 

 our only ingredients are chocolate, dairy/non-dairy products, flavor ingredients, and our variety of toppings & Decorations. We also offer chocolates that are dairy free, gluten free and sugar free. 

we can create new and exciting blends of european & american chocolates, as well as flavor ingredients to wow and amaze our customers. we enjoy  working with our customers to create custom orders for their special occasions. We hope that we will be able to fulfill your chocolate needs, and open your eyes to a whole new world of just what chocolate can be!



(503) 756-9084

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Thanks for submitting!

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